Really Good Show By The DM Quartet at Ottawa Jazz Fest 2015

In spite of a nasty little problem at the Rideau Centre venue this year, the quartet managed to put on a great show. The Rideau Centre has been recently renovated & although the location of the concerts is the same as always, the configuration of stores surrounding the area has changed. It seems that one of the shops took serious exception to there being music anywhere near them (Tiffany Jewelers, to be exact). This particular store is not even on the same level as the stage. It is on the next level up & behind the stage. The shops directly in front of the stage had no problem with at all with the music.

The upshot of Tiffany’s complaints was that bands had to play at quite a low volume level. In fact, the Festival came up with the idea that stage amps should be turned off or left only slightly on, horns could not be miked & drummers had to use brushes throughout. The Rideau Centre in its turn was placing a person with a sound level meter about 30 feet in front of the stage.

Well, we complied with these constraints – except for the brushes – & managed to please the sound level meter as well as the crowd. In fact we played a surprisingly tight set. So we managed to please ourselves as well.

The downside was that we got totally unusable videos. I had hoped to get some good video footage from this gig but, due to the constraints we were under, the sound quality sucked big time. So we got nothing of any value. Needless to say, that annoyed the hell out me.

It occurred to me that I would loooove to set up a Marshall stack in front of Tiffany’s, crank the guitar up to 11 & blow out their windows. A sweet fantasy, of course, but that’s all. OK. I’m done venting now. But I do hope that the Festival will find an alternative venue for next year.