Arts education has never been more vital than it is today

Music education is more important than ever in today’s high tech world. It is unfortunate that in this era of educational cutbacks, the arts is the first thing to get the axe – at least in North America. A balanced education must include significant exposure to the arts. In order to fill the void left by short-sighted politicians and educators, I have been a committed private music teacher for the past 20 years. And for my efforts in fulfilling what I consider to be a very necessary function, I have been rewarded with a great deal of personal satisfaction.

I teach students of all ages, ability levels and musical interests: from young children to retirees, from beginners to advanced students, from jazz, blues and pop styles to classical.

The instruments I teach include saxophone, clarinet, flute and recorder.

Much of my teaching time is spent preparing students for examinations (Royal Conservatory, Trinity College, etc.), or preparing them for auditions for high school or university entrance.

Many of my students require help in preparing for orchestra or band auditions.

Some of students wish to become professionals; in which case, I am fully prepared and qualified to teach theory (jazz and classical), jazz improvisation, and arranging and composition (including MIDI techniques). I also provide jazz improving workshops to local schools several times a year.

Arts education has never been more vital than it is today, which is why teaching music has become such an important component of my musical life.